Fitness Workouts

In the Free Fitness Session we will Workout and make your personal Sports Profile. The Sports Profile will determine your current fitness level and your future goals. Based on this I will create your personal structured Fitness Plan. The Fitness Plan will consist of the chosen training method, number of trainings per week and exactly what you need personally to get you to your goal.

You also have the possibility to combine your personal training with a Nutrition Plan specially designed for you. The combination of a Fitness and Nutrition plan will make you loose weight much faster than just training.

Your Personal Training will be a combination of simple and yet effective exercises that will boost your energy level, improve your health and reach your desired weight loss or muscle building.

Men and women are trained differently. As a woman, you will be trained to obtain an athletic, toned and healthy body, while keeping a beautiful feminine figure. As a man, you will be trained to gain more muscle mass or loose weight, while strengthening your core muscles and body.

Fitness packages:

Personal Training: 
399,- € for 8 Sessions per month  (min 3 month):
Limited Time Offer:  621 40 22 21