Structured Fitness Plan

I carefully create your fitness plan in the Free Fitness session
we determine your current fitness level & exercise requirements.

I will create a personal and structured fitness plan for you, which will be modified and reviewed accordingly. When training wit me you are not on your own. I will always support you by one to one meetings, phone or email if you have any problems or queries.

The Benefits Of An Active Life

Apart from it's health benefits exercising on a regular basis can make your daily activities like carrying shopping bags, going up the stairs or gardening easier. Exercising on a regular basis can help you live longer by keeping your body weight down and helping keep your muscles & joints supple. Exercise can also reduce stress level, relieves pain from injury,reduces cardio-vascular problems, serious heart diseases and also helps prevent osteoporosis and diabetes.
Exercise releases endorphins, this triggers what is called an exercise high. This great motivational feeling can help you relax, improves mood, reduces anxiety and your pain threshold.

Functional Fitness Training:

  • Anthropometry data form
  • Personal Targets & Recommendations
  • Functional Fitness Equipment
Structured Fitness Plan