All testimonials are made voluntarily by current or former clients of
Jesper Enemark Personal Training:

...our weekly meetings helped me loose more than 7 Kg's and 20% body fat with only 14 sessions.
Jesper is a determined and strong, "all round" good guy in which you can put your trust...  
Jan Nielsen

I’ve now been training with Jesper for almost a year, two times a week. Going to the gym is now part of my highlights during the week! I have no more back pains,I feel more energized on a daily basis, and I sleep better.
It is not only more fun to train together with Jesper, it’s clearly also more efficient compared to training alone.
During one hour of training with Jesper I easily burn approximately 600 calories, and alone I seldom burn more than 350 calories. And trust me; burning 600 calories has never felt so easy or been so much fun!
Training with Jesper is simply great because it’s easy, it’s fun, it’s efficient and it gives clear results!

Anna Forsberg

I started training with Jesper Enemark after a series of lower back inguries.
With the help of the carefully designed fitness program, The pain in my back became much less. I managed to regain a healthy range of motioni build up muscles and even lost a lot of weight. I warmly reccomend training with Jesper Enemark for all people with similar problems.  
Anika Jokobson

Jesper Enemark has been my personal trainer for the past 3 months and over this time i have seen vast improvements both to my physical condition and my energy level.   
Davide Da Silva

The exercises are fun, and Jesper is very inspiring and motivating. A part from the exercises we get ongoing nutritional advice, which is based on intelligent principles that never leave us hungry.
In 6 month I have lost 17,2 kg and my husband 11,6kg. 
Ulla & Ralf Villumsen

"I have been training with Jesper for the last 5,5 years regularly,  indoor and outdoor. Jesper is clearly an experienced trainerhe is always doing his best to push you and have you reach your personal objectives.
I also enjoy the fact that he is changing his programs very often; then, you do not get bored and still improve your level with new exercises.
A last important thing: in 5,5 years, he never missed a training, always on time!” 
Best – Julien Killic

I have trained with Jesper Enemark for a whole year. His trainings are fun,
in fact for the first time in my life i have been looking forward to working out.
At the same time Jesper and his training has brought me to my physical limits. He would not allow me to be lazy or skip trainings. Jesper has also been very flexibel for my special needs, having good substitusion for exercises that i could not do.  
Results:  I lost 11 kg of weight, lots of gained stamina and much better sleep.      
Kai  Vassiljeva

I have been training with Jesper for 10 months with a goal set to build some muscle. I have gained 10 kg and improved my physical strength. Jesper has been pushing me hard to reach my goal with muscle and stamina training.
Ian Holmer

"My initial objective to undertake personal training with Jesper was to improve my general fitness and lose some unwanted weight.  Due to his combination of diverse exercise programs targeting specific muscle groups, we quickly accomplished my goals and then built on these with stamina and strength exercises.
After a relatively short period of time (3 months) my levels of fitness dramatically increased and I lost 7 kilograms.
The sessions are tough but really enjoyable and I know I would never push myself in the same way if I were training on my own. I think one of the best attributes that Jesper has is that he takes great care in ensuring that you are doing the exercises right and always challenges you to ensure that you are getting the most out of your workout
In short, I would not hesitate in recommending Jesper".     
Sinead Browne

I started training with Jesper after I realized I’d let my body down.
The results were amazing : I lost 13 kgs over 3 months,
with a good combination of training and modified eating habits.
Jesper is a good professional and he knows how to make every session more enjoyable,  so that going to the gym stop being an imposition and becomes a real pleasure.     
Vincent Biache

"Last training was great I burned 647 calories in 1 hour".            
Anna Forsberg

"...burned 1003 calories in 60 min with an average heart rate of 149".        
Rylee Murrey

“...according to my watch ( Calorie counter )
I have burned 14 grams of pure fat in one hour.      Just think how much that will amount to in 6 month”.   
Chris Jenkins

I made great progress with Jesper. He always pushed me to the limit.
I could definitely see and feel the difference after a month working with him.  
Filipe Biral

I registered for a cross country skiing race 7 months before it was time. The race was the 50km König Ludwig Lauf in Oberammergau, Germany. The problem was that I had not stood on a pair of cross country skis during the last 27 years and I needed a targeted muscle boost and some weight loss at the same time.  I had motivating sessions with Jesper were he found my focus areas and structured my training really well while he created a program that I could continue with. I beat my personal goal with more than 1 h in Oberammergau. 
Mikael Bengtsson